Take Service Management beyond IT

Solve challenges beyond IT

The Cherwell platform is so easy to configure and customise that 70% of customers use it to solve challenges outside of IT.

Deliver value

Thousands of custom applications have been designed and built on top of the platform, modernising business processes and automating workflows such as employee on-boarding (HR), workplace management (Facilities), loan processing (Finance), and organisational compliance (Security).

Ease of use

With Cherwell’s codeless design architecture, you won’t need skilled development resources or consultants to build new business applications; and unlike the competitive alternatives, the solutions you’ve created will never break when you upgrade.

Increase efficiency

Now any department within the enterprise can put in place automated approval and process execution, along with reporting and dashboards, to simplify standard task execution and timely processing of business requests.

Innovate without limits

Simple drag-and-drop

If you can draw it on a whiteboard, you can build it in Cherwell. With the Cherwell Business Technology Platform, you can create new business applications and capabilities using intuitive drag-and-drop wizards – and without touching a single line of code. You won’t need expensive programmers or spend months building specialised functionality; instead you can focus on creating tangible value for the business.


Digitise business processes

Automate workflows

Apply the IT service management model to reinvent inefficient systems and processes across the business. Replace phone calls, free-form email, walk-up requests, spreadsheets, and sticky notes as the primary means of documenting and tracking requests. Let your internal customers engage business departments the way they want – through intuitive portals and forms that trigger the automation of tasks, workflows, and request fulfilment.

Deliver business intelligence

Demonstrate value

Provide lines of business with metrics and key performance indicators that enable accountability, demonstrate value to the business, and identify areas for improvement. All applications built on the Cherwell platform can be customised to deliver reporting and dashboards that guide key business decisions and further optimise the processes you’ve created.


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