Cherwell Service Management (CSM) makes work flow

Optimise your ability to deliver services more efficiently, reduce demand on operators, manage processes, workflows and service experiences. Cherwell is synonymous with back office operational excellence.







Cost Effective

Cost Effective

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Cherwell makes life easy

Cherwell IT Service Management makes life easy

No code

The Cherwell Service Management Platform is governed by metadata configuration files that are created and modified using visual editors without requiring coding or programming expertise.  


Mergeable Applications

Extend your Cherwell-based solution with prebuilt Mergeable Applications (mApps) that can be quickly applied to your system. Download from the Cherwell mApp exchange or create your own Cherwell custom mApps.  


Painless Upgrades

Cherwell’s low-code, configuration file driven architecture dramatically simplifies upgrading. Version upgrades have historically been the bane of the Service Management industry – painful, time consuming, and often costly. Cherwell’s separation of solution content and platform combined with versioning controls and our patented and award-winning application packaging streamlines upgrading.

Powerful tools to guide organisational excellence

Powerful tools to guide organisational excellence

Whiteboard it, Automate it


The Cherwell Service Platform is highly adaptable and able to meet unique and changing business needs by being easier than other service management platforms to configure, deploy and upgrade. Our customers recognise the power of the platform to automate workflows with sayings such as “Cherwell can do that”. All this, done visually without programming or coding!



Multiple Deployment Options


Deploy your Cherwell environment on premise, in a private cloud or on public cloud – the choice is yours. The licencing model is separated from the deployment model, which means that your licence investment is not affected by how or where you deploy.

Cost effective licence model

Cost effective licence model

Concurrent Licences


Cherwell Service Management licences are concurrent and for most organisations, the ratio is 3 to 1 so if you have 3 named users, you will need 1 Cherwell Service Management licence. We advise that Service Desk staff should have a licence count each and then we do a 3:1 for everyone else. That way, there is always enough for everyone.  


Who Needs a Licence


Another thing to note is that licences are only required for staff members charged with delivering your service management. This means that customers, approvers, people who need to view dashboards etc. do not require a licence. This provides significant savings when compared to other toolsets of similar calibre.  


What is included in the Base Licence


Cherwell Service Management (CSM) base licence includes the following “modules” as well:

  • HR Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Basic Asset Management
  • Basic Project Management


Cherwell mApp Exchange


Cherwell also offers Mergeable Applications through its mApp Exchange. 90% of these are free to be downloaded by the customer. Once downloaded, you can configure to suit your exact requirements. This does make time to value a lot shorter because you will only be doing minimal configurations to get to the level of functionality that you want to achieve. The Cherwell Service Management mApp Exchange has well over 1000 mApps and integrations available. For example:

  • ISMS (Security Management)

This also provides savings in terms of time spent getting functionality configured.

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Cherwell IT Service Management (CSM) Managed Support Services

Our Cherwell Customer Care Support Program is a great way to continually enhance the maturity of your Cherwell Service Management environment without increasing FTE count. You can create your own combination of hours and budget per month to use in the following service categories: Support, Strategic Planning, Configuration and Governance. 


Our highly trained support desk staff will liaise with Cherwell on your behalf to ensure prompt resolution and prioritised escalation when appropriate. Support includes the following:

  • Support Desk
  • Monitoring
  • System Upgrades

Strategic Planning

For organisations wanting to enhance their Cherwell Service Management environment in a holistic manner, we focus on upskilling your existing staff through programmed mentoring and provide oversight and guidance regarding planned enhancements. Strategic Planning includes the following:

  • Strategic Guidance – Environment, process and system focus
  • Mentoring – People focus


This service is optional and is fantastic if you don’t have enough internal resource. Let our support desk configure minor enhancements so that you can continually evolve your Cherwell Service Management environment without adding to FTE count. Our configuration services include the following:

  • Service Requests
  • Documentation


Through our governance processes, your key stakeholders will be made aware of whether things are tracking according to plan and any risks or issues that could derail the plan. Our governance process also provides a forum for sharing new features and benefits as they become available. Governance includes:

  • Usage reporting per month
  • Monthly Stakeholder Meeting
  • Access to Customer Portal

Cherwell Service Management is the industry’s leading IT Service Management solution

Built on a codeless platform with complementary solutions for human resources (HR), facilities and asset management.

Cherwell Service Platform

The Cherwell Service Platform is at the heart of CSM’s technology innovation and is the foundation for all Cherwell solutions. Unlike any other service management solution, this platform was designed from day one as a codeless workflow automation platform. It controls process workflows and actions, performs searches, runs expressions, and governs the associated forms, portals, and dashboards.


These attributes are easily configured by codeless, graphical editors which produce metadata files that are then read by the platform. The Cherwell platform can then offer any combination of IT Service Management (ITSM), Cherwell provided solutions, or custom-built services. The platform has been designed to be configured and extended by business analysts and system administrations not requiring programming expertise. 


Customers benefit from faster time to value, easier upgrades, greater extensibility, and lower overall cost of administration. In addition to solutions, Cherwell also provides numerous integrations and extensions which can be downloaded at no additional cost from an exchange and merged into the platform. Cherwell mergeable applications (mApps) is a patented packaging capability that streamlines the merging and future version control.


Partners and the greater community provide additional integrations and capability extensions via the Cherwell mApp exchange. The same way Cherwell, partners, and the community have built solutions and extensions, customers can also automate their own IT and non-IT workflows. A popular non-IT example is managing parking spaces including handling requests.


Cherwell Integration Service

Cherwell’s Integration Service is powered by a market leading iPaaS from Jitterbit and provides a central point for providing and maintain integrations between Cherwell Service Management (CSM) and other complementary, non-Cherwell solutions or platforms such as Jira, Workday, and Slack. This alleviates the need to download, integrate, create, and maintain out-of-the-box (OOTB) or custom integrations.


Cherwell’s unique integration service removes traditional integration challenges and barriers. Customers don’t need to worry about purchasing or maintaining the iPaaS platform or the individual integrations. Cherwell offers this as a service, Cherwell manages the Jitterbit connectors and updates to ensure uninterrupted integration service.


Platform Overview

The Cherwell Service Platform is the logical foundation on which Cherwell’s ITSM solution content, other Cherwell solutions such as HR or Facilities, and custom-built workflow applications run. It is a codeless platform that reads in metadata configuration files which governs what applications are currently running. Cherwell Service Management (CSM) is the combination of ITSM content running and the platform.


Other Cherwell non-IT solutions or custom-built solutions could run independently or in combination on the common platform.


Whiteboard it, automate it

The Cherwell Service Platform combines the best of traditional customisation by being adaptable to meet unique and changing business needs yet also simple to configure, deploy and upgrade. Our customers recognise the power of the platform to automate workflows with sayings such as “Cherwell can do that”, and that this is done visually without programming or coding.

No- and Low-Code Configuration

Cherwell’s codeless configuration accelerates creation and editing of dashboards, service portals, forms, process workflows, task automation, searches, and more. Codeless drag-and-drop configuration is complemented by selective low-code capabilities such as using a RESTful API command to perform remote actions. The Cherwell platform reads metadata configuration files that determine what services, processes, and supporting elements are delivered by the platform.


By using graphical tools to configure, edit, and create, Cherwell controls the writing and managing of the resulting metadata files. This reduces the administrative complexity of managing configurations, especially when there are multiple extensions, integrations, and custom workflows. It also ensures portability across deployment options (on-premises, SaaS, public cloud) and dramatically simplifies upgrades.


This approach is in contrast to developer or programmer managed techniques for configuring and customising a service desk. Cherwell provides the industry’s best combination of comprehensive ITSM features, flexibility, and ease of administration. This results in faster and less costly initial deployments, quicker rolling out of enhancements, new processes or services, and smoother upgrades.


One-Step™ Actions

At its core, the Cherwell Service Platform automates workflows. This includes complete processes such as ITIL incident, problem, and change which you can visually configure or modify, like tailoring the normal change process and tasks for different CI types. It also includes automating common or repetitive actions with One-Step actions, such as creating a change request from a problem, escalating an incident from level 1 to level 2, obtaining approvals, or resetting a password. You can even automate your own customer-created service workflows and their supporting actions.


Cherwell One-Steps can initiate one or more defined actions to automate common or repetitive tasks. Not only does automating standard work complete those actions faster and avoid potential errors, it frees up resources and staff time to focus more on value-added work. Cherwell provides numerous One-Steps for common actions such setting status on records, sending emails, invoking tasks, setting priorities, and closing requests. Plus, creating new custom actions is quick and effortless with the graphical One-Step editor.


Integrations and Cherwell Technical Appliance Program

Cherwell provides hundreds of available integrations and extensions so you can extend the platform and solutions in minutes, not months. Popular integrations include JIRA, discovery or inventory sources, collaboration tools, and event monitoring and operations management systems. Popular extensions include additional dashboards, a Cherwell knowledge center support package, and surveys.


When integrating with provisioning solutions, configurable Orchestration Packs are provided. And best of all, all Cherwell-provided content and most other non-Cherwell mApps are free. Cherwell mergeable applications (mApps) are based on a patented packaging technique for content that is merged into the Cherwell platform. This unique approach enables painless reuse and sharing of integrations, extensions, and orchestration packs that complement and enhance the Cherwell ITSM solution, as well as Cherwell Facilities and Information Security (ISMS).


Rather than building capabilities from scratch, simply download an mApp from the mApp Exchange and merge it into your Cherwell environment, saving time and money. The Cherwell Technical Alliance Program (TAP) nurtures a vibrant ecosystem of partner solutions. These solutions extend the functionality of Cherwell Service Management and partner solution. The resulting integrations are typically packaged as mApps and made available for download via the mApp Exchange.


TAP partners include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, VMware, FireScope, Cisco, Splunk, Bomgar, and ComAround.

Cherwell helps organisations improve service delivery and provide more value

By automating workflows and providing a superior experience for both business users and service desk staff, Cherwell helps improve service delivery and provide more value. Ease of codeless configuration and administration enables quicker deployments, superior agility, and faster time to value. Combined with inclusive, concurrent licenses, total cost of ownership is reduced compared to competing alternatives and legacy solutions.


Cherwell provides comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) verified for 11 ITIL® processes. This is complemented by robust Cherwell solutions for HR, facilities, information security, and asset management. This is accompanied by hundreds of Cherwell and partner provided integrations and extensions that further accelerate time to value and reduce total costs. These are all based on the flexible, low-code Cherwell Service Platform which can be easily configured and extended to automate handling of customer specific services and supporting workflows.


Service Dynamics’ professional services and training enables customers to get up to speed and realise value quickly. Vibrant local and virtual user communities then empower better service delivery and business value through sharing best practices and insights.

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