Operational Excellence

Operational excellence builds the bridge between sound strategy and industry leading performance.

At Service Dynamics, our mission is to help our clients become operational excellence heroes, who can better serve their customers and stakeholders.


Consistent and accurate delivery of your back office processes, automating routine tasks and enabling self-service for internal customers are just some of the opportunities that will provide better outcomes for your organisation.

How can we help you achieve operational excellence?


By aligning your back office operational strategy, processes and technology. When these key components are in sync, your operational and service management toolsets will support well thought out processes that are designed to be efficient and have minimal human intervention. This frees up your staff to do more meaningful work which, in turn, helps drive your organisation forward.

Why do you need this alignment? We are in the age of disruption… that’s why!

Our clients grapple with many external factors that add complexity to their organisations. We live in a world of increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, changing customer demographics, and challenging economic environments so staying relevant is imperative to success.


But what does relevance look like?

Proactive to predictive

Know what the future is now >


It’s no longer enough to just provide your customers with what they are looking for, when they believe it necessary.


Leading organisations use all the tools at their disposal – data, process, and technology to accurately anticipate their customers’ needs and provide appropriate services and products.

High value or cost effective?

Why not both? >

Customer Expectations

Quality, speed, or cost effectiveness? It is said you can only ever choose two at the same time. Evolving customer expectations are forcing organisations to re-evaluate their product and service delivery models.


If we don’t meet customer expectations of quality, speed and cost effectiveness, they will choose organisations that will.

Lead, don’t react.

Drive the change >

Conscious Design

Good strategy alone isn’t enough to drive the change that is required to stay relevant.


Consciously designing back office processes and supporting them with a modern service management toolset ensures the day to day actions of your staff aligns with your organisational strategy in a consistent and powerful way.

Why Service Dynamics? Ask our clients…

We recently insourced our internal customer service support desks because we wanted to improve internal customer experience by regaining control of our internal services.


Service Dynamics implemented Cherwell Service Management for us and in a very short time, we have gained better visibility of service management volumes, enabled easy and effective customer self-help functionality and automated a raft of routine tasks and processes.

Peter Cox – Service Operations Manager
Foodstuffs North Island