We believe the optimal transformation journey goes like this:

Our model vastly simplifies the process and delivers exceptional results. It allows us to create and implement change programs that are pragmatic, effective and deliver expected return to our customers.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Through a series of interactive workshops with key stakeholders, we define the following:

  • The organisational strategy and how should back office service management support and drive the strategy
  • The customer and quantify the benefits that service management needs to provide to them
  • Internal and external resources that are required to fulfil the service management vision


Key Outputs are:

  • A documented Strategic Plan that covers the business benefits that Service Management needs to deliver. This typically spans a three-year period.
  • An Operational Plan that includes a work plan for the next 12 months. This work plan ensures the delivery of the objectives agreed in the Strategic Plan.
Service Dynamics Strategic Plan
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This is done through a series of workshops, data collection and process analysis designed to provide a detailed understanding of how the back office service management platform needs to function. The following are typically undertaken:

  • Workshops with process owners and Subject Matter Experts to understand current business processes and business rules, pain points, and areas of opportunity.
  • Familiarisation workshops with process owners and Subject Matter Experts so that they understand functionality available in Cherwell Service Management ‘out of the box’.
  • Workshops with process owners and Subject Matter Experts to define detailed Business Requirements and User Stories.
  • Meetings with key process stakeholders identifying operational level activities undertaken to support the existing business processes. This is also where we define and agree the new processes where process changes and improvements are going to be effective.
  • Data collection of key process outputs and service management content such as Teams/Squads, Users, Organisational structure, Service Catalogue, Product Catalogue.


Create a solution design that considers the following:

  • Organisational strategic direction.
  • Elements of current processes and business rules that support strategic direction well and should be retained.
  • Business Requirements and User Stories agreed through Discovery.
  • Organisational Culture and ability to change.
  • Budget.

Key outputs are:

  • Solution presentation.
  • Phased implementation plan.
  • Budget for the implementation of a Cherwell Service Management platform.
  • Organisational Change Management Plan.


Implement solution as per agreed design and ensure solution adoption through executing Organisational Change Management Plan. Implementations are collaborative. We will work with the following within your organisation so that the engagement is seamless:

  • Existing Service Management System Administrators.
  • Organisational Change Management expert.
  • Digital User Experience expert (for portal design).
  • Branding expert (for portal design).

If you do not have the in house staff for the above roles and wish to include the skill set in your implementation, we will provide these services as part of the implementation using in house staff or contracted experts.

Customer Care Program – You don’t have to go it alone!

Our Customer Care Program is a great way to continually enhance the maturity of your Cherwell Service Management environment without increasing FTE count. You can create your own combination of hours and budget per month to use in the following service categories. This gives you flexibility to choose the combination of service and time that best suits your environment and resource levels.



Support is a core component of our customer care program, providing you peace of mind through access to expert local help when required. Our highly trained support desk staff will liaise with Cherwell on your behalf to ensure prompt resolution and prioritised escalation when appropriate. Support includes the following:

  • Support Desk
  • Monitoring
  • System Upgrades
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

This service is optional and is highly recommended for organisations wanting to enhance their Cherwell Service Management environment in a holistic manner.


We focus on upskilling your existing staff through programmed mentoring and also provide oversight and guidance regarding planned enhancements. This means that over time, your in house Cherwell resource becomes highly capable of managing your environment without reliance on third parties. Strategic Planning includes the following:

  • Strategic Guidance – Environment, process and system focus
  • Mentoring – People focus


This service is optional and is fantastic if you don’t have enough internal resource. Let our support desk configure minor enhancements so that you can continually evolve your Cherwell Service Management environment without adding to FTE count. Our configuration services include the following:

  • Service Requests
  • Documentation


Governance is a core component of our Customer Care Program because this provides a high level of visibility to you regarding the ongoing improvement of your Cherwell Service Management environment.


Through our governance processes, your key stakeholders will be made aware of whether things are tracking according to plan and any risks or issues that could derail the plan. Our governance process also provides a forum for sharing new features and benefits as they become available. Governance includes the following:

  • Usage reporting per month
  • Monthly Stakeholder Meeting
  • Access to Customer Portal