We think that solutions should be shaped by the way your people need to work, not the other way around.

Our goal is simple. Transform your IT services, business services and employee experiences from their current state to your desired future state. We start by understanding the complexities of your business, prioritise your pain points, and map out your aspirations and desired outcomes. Next comes the provision of robust design - up-front. Our expert team then implements our agreed solution, and, importantly, we stick around to provide high-touch, long-term care.


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We gather information and dig deep into what's important to your business. This is done through a series of workshops, data collection and process analysis designed to provide a detailed understanding of how your service management platform needs to function and work best for you.

We learn about your current state, future desired state, gaps, process assessments, functional requirements, business value and the desired user experience. All providing a deep understanding of your pain points.

Professional services. IT Asset Discovery. CMDB
Solution Design. Service Dynamics


Solution design is aligned to your business requirements and the desired user experience outcomes of your team. We work with your key business stakeholders and transform your requirements into complete and detailed system design specifications. 

The key output is an agreed Solution Design Document. This will be the governing design artefact which includes a phased implementation plan and detailed budget for the rollout of your chosen Service Management platform.

Delivery / Implementation

Your solution design is transformed into a production working solution and information system that addresses all the business and functional requirements. The implementation phase is critical and takes the most time, effort, expertise and IP. The delivery phase focuses on the configuration and development activities to bring your new solution to life.

We work closely with key stakeholders within your organisation - from System Administrators to branding experts, to ensure the engagement is seamless.

Implementation - Delivery
IT Managed Services


Our certified instructors deliver in-person and online classroom training to help you elevate your technical skills, stay up to date with the latest in DEX technologies, and enable you to contribute more to your organisation’s overall success. Customised training programs can be tailored to your unique needs, and cover a range of technical levels. Get in touch to request our Training Services guide. 

We also offer strategic guidance, mentoring, and assessment services to help you develop and execute against your DEX objectives.

Managed Services / Support

Our Managed Services program is called Customer Care and includes an array of services from which you can construct a support plan that works best for your business and budget.

Our Customer Care capability includes technical support, functional enhancements and improvements, management and maintenance, software configurations, best practice guidance and ongoing reviews, roadmaps and planning. Our Customer Care team strives to ensure you get the most out of your service management platform.

IT Managed Services and Support
What now, and where to next?

Your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) journey

Our desire is to be your chosen and trusted business partner that delivers enhanced service outcomes, proven business value, ROI and positive employee / end-user experiences. We aim to take our customers on a guided transformation journey that helps you deliver world-class IT services and enhanced digital employee experiences. Most business leaders recognise that their technology architecture is now their business architecture. Our Digital Employee Experience solutions are market-leading - but it's our people that make the real difference in designing, implementing and integrating these tools into your organisation with minimal disruption to your team and your employees.

Digital Employee Experience

Additional Value-add Services

  • Independent ITSM consulting
  • Project Management for ITSM Projects
  • GRC Consulting
  • Asset Management Consulting
  • Resource augmentation


  • ISMS Certified Consulting 
  • Testing Services
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Customised Workflow Automation
  • ITSM Audit
  • Documentation



ITSM Consulting. GRC Consulting
“Cochlear has had a strong partnership with Service Dynamics for more than 5 years and has been critical to the success of our transition to a new Enterprise Service Management platform in late 2017. The relationship has evolved from the initial “hands on build and support”, through “Strategic Guidance” and now to a “Managed Service” solution. We cannot thank the Service Dynamics team enough for their “can do” attitude, flexibility and constant guidance and support. A true partnership in every sense.

Dave Tuckwell
Director – Service Management Office, Cochlear Limited

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