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Keeping track of hardware and software is a challenge, especially in a hybrid working environment. To be strategic, you need insights into where your assets are, how much they’re costing you, and how they perform throughout their lifecycle. 

ITAM Solutions - Where are you assets?
IT Asset Management - Find, Manage and Secure your IT Assets

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

Using an ITAM tool helps you maximise the value of your IT devices and systems by tracking their status, ensuring they are secure within your infrastructure, and minimising the amount spent on duplicated or unnecessary software licensing. IT assets can be either hardware (the physical computing equipment that your organisation owns), software, or cloud services.

Manage your IT Assets
Improve productivity - ITAM
Reduce Risk - ITAM


Reduce waste throughout the lifecycle of your IT assets by optimising software licences, tracking hardware assets, and managing cloud resources.

Improve productivity

Real-time asset tracking saves you time by reducing the number of people it takes to find, track and manage your IT assets.


Mitigate risk by reducing security breaches on software and minimising theft or loss of hardware. Easily stay on top of licensing and compliance.

Key IT Asset Management features

Extract the maximum value from your IT investment and make better decisions about how your assets are managed. Our ITAM solutions feature:

Lifecycle tracking

Asset repository

Product catalogue

Stock management


Financial reporting

Integration with Service Management

Contract and Vendor management

Cost and contract visibility

Integrate ITAM with your current Service Management tooling

Without question, ITAM and ITSM are more effective when integrated. If you already use ITSM, but still use spreadsheets to track assets, integrating ITAM will make help desk staff and system admins more effective and improve the employee experience.

ITAM and ITSM - Better Together

ITAM as a Managed Service with Service Dynamics

Take the hassle out of the management of your ITAM platform! We provide a comprehensive managed service, offering you a cost-effective, end-to-end ITAM solution - complimented by a range of services from our expert team. 

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