We do business differently

In a recent report, Gartner noted that up to 90% of back office service management environment transformations will not deliver intended ROI. This is because such transformation initiatives often focus only on technology rather than taking a holistic view of the environment and factors that influence it.


We have encountered much the same issues amongst our clients and have developed our engagement model based on learnings in the field and expert research.

Our engagement model

The following are key components to successful back office service management transformations:

Organisational strategy

Organisational strategy

Current maturity levels of process and technology

Current maturity levels of process and technology

Desired end state

Desired end state

Clearly defined expected benefits of completing transformation

Clearly defined expected benefits of completing transformation

Organisational culture appetite and ability to change

Organisational culture, appetite and ability to change

We take a holistic approach by creating clear and deep collective understandings of these components so that your transformation journey is effective and enjoyable.

Key Performance Indicators

We know you don’t like surprises…

Our commitment to delivering expected return on investment to our customers starts with gaining a clear and mutually agreed understanding of expected return. Clarity starts with documented business requirements and user stories and is supported by systems and processes designed to provide visibility at every stage of the engagement.


Our ideal is agreeing on measurable Key Performance Indicators that are unique and meaningful to each customer. These are referenced throughout the engagement and at Quarterly Business Reviews to ensure that we are delivering the value that you expect.


Our solution designers and system delivery people are experts at protecting your outcomes and welcome robust discussions with stakeholders to ensure that your back office service management transformation initiative is setup for success right from the get-go. 


We help you to own the outcome

Unlike the traditional consultancy model, we actively encourage our customers to take ownership of their service management initiatives because we believe this is the secret to achieving operational excellence. We take a three-year view to establishing this with new customers:  


Year One – There is a large focus on training and mentoring in the first year of engagement. The knowledge transfer is focused on enabling your internal resources to be comfortable with configuring enhancements, so the training and mentoring is all about how to do different things within the toolset.  


Year Two – This year is about cementing the learnings of year one and introducing strategic thinking. The focus shifts from “how to” to more complex process mapping, analysis and improvement.  


Year Three – In the third year, the expectation is that your internal resources should be thinking about the next iteration of capability within your organisation and starting to deliver automations and processes that propel organisational strategic objectives forward at pace. This is a considered approach and is reflected in our consultancy engagement, implementation methodology and Customer Care Program.

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