A modern, user-friendly CMDB platform

Virima is a cloud-based, SaaS platform that breaks down the information silos that exist within large IT departments through intelligent Discovery, CMDB & Service Mapping. Virima discovers and inventories hardware and software assets, automatically monitors each for configuration changes and leverages machine learning to identify asset relationships and their role in supporting mission-critical business services.

Take the hassle out of the management of your ITAM platform! We provide a comprehensive managed service, offering you a cost-effective, end-to-end ITAM solution - complimented by a range of services from our expert team. 

ITAM as a managed service

CMDB automation

One place for all your assets, whether automatically discovered or imported. Virima keeps up with any changes made, and provides insightful visualisations and dashboards to make configuration management data accessible to broad audiences.

CMDB Automation
Virima IT Discovery

IT Discovery for multiple environments

A holistic IT asset discovery software for data centre, edge and cloud environments. The extendable probes automatically discover thousands of physical and virtual compute, network and storage assets.

Enhance ITAM, ITSM, and ITOM

Accurate and complete data is foundational to just about every ITOps, SecOps, and DevOps-related activity. Virima provides the necessary data to enhance all your CMDB and asset management core functions.


Key Platform Features

Agentless Discovery

Agentless IP-based scanning of both your on-premise and cloud environments. Automatically detect physical and virtual assets, hardware configurations, OS details and installed software.


ITIL-compliant and enables automated tasks, it provides accurate data and compiles Business Service Maps (BSMs) to provide insightful visualisations of relationships and dependencies.

Service Mapping

Get visual depictions of the relationships between your applications and supporting infrastructure and see the full picture of how business services are supported.

IT Operations Management

Improve the health of IT operations and deliver tangible benefits to assist with IT assets, service, security, risk and compliance management.

IT Asset Management

Gain a holistic view of your asset inventory, software licensing usage, InfoSec requirements, regulatory compliance and financial audit reporting.

IT Service Management

ITIL compliant service management functions that help you quickly resolve and reduce incidents, assess risk of change, reduce calls to the help desk, and deliver better customer service.

Application Dependency Mapping (ADM)

Whether you need to identify or move groups for a migration or see the impact of making a change, our application dependency mapping has you covered.

Windows Discovery Agent

Installing the agent on servers and PC’s provides constant monitoring of configuration changes, even when the device roams off the network, and allows for usage metering of tracked software.

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Why we choose Virima

Virima reduces the cost and complexities of managing enterprise IT systems and assets dispersed amongst on-premise, cloud, and remote workers. Their unique platform facilitates accurate data insights, asset relationships and service dependencies. Our customers trust Virima to provide the capabilities they need to keep their IT management systems up and running and their operations performing smoothly.

Ready to reap the benefits of end-to-end Discovery and IT Asset Management?

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  • Discover all your hybrid IT assets
  • Maintain a CMDB you can trust
  • Visualise your relationships and dependencies
  • Manage all your hardware and software
  • Improve your cybersecurity and auditing
  • Streamline your IT service delivery
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