Manage and protect your medical devices against cyber security attacks with Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare 

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare is a cybersecurity platform that gives the IT team at your hospital or healthcare centre visibility over all your devices and the ability to manage and assess the risks affecting each connected medical device within your network.   
The healthcare cybersecurity platform uses passive discovery to detect your devices and identifies them by vendor, type, model and classification as well as providing an overview of usage. You can analyse the device for risks or see any anomalies in behaviour and develop recommendations to reduce or resolve those risks.  

How vulnerable are your medical devices to cyber security threats?

An increasing number of medical devices are connected to networks or to other devices, creating a major security vulnerability for hospitals and healthcare providers. Many of these devices are not secure and are not actively managed, opening the door to a wide range of cybersecurity threats.

Cyber security threats to your medical devices are real - and on the rise. 

  • 32% of healthcare organizations say medical devices are their top security concern.
  • Hospitals maintain around 10 – 15 connected medical devices per bed at any given time.
  • 65% of hospitals have low confidence in asset visibility. 

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare protects your medical devices. 

Millions of medical devices are used to care for patients in hospitals and streamline clinical workflows, but their inherent vulnerabilities to malware and cyberattacks place your hospital and patients at risk.   
Devices can’t be disconnected because of their critical role in patient care and standard network infrastructure and IoT solutions lack insight into the unique needs of the healthcare sector and risk disrupting medical services. 


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